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some help? 
05:25pm 24/02/2009
mood: hopeful
I am looking to finish a tattoo I had started years ago. I have bought multiple copies of JTHM directors edition just to have them stolen, borrowed forever or lost. So I do not really want to buy it for a 6th time. If anyone could possibly help me out, I am in desperate need of pictures of the thing behind the wall of blood. If someone happens to have some, or could scan a few i would greatly appreciate it. My addy is zenthia719@gmail.com thank you!
Malice Alice 
03:32am 12/11/2008
    Hey can I get some opinions on my emo webcomic? It's at http://calamity-outfitters.weebly.com/   
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08:27pm 10/11/2008
mood: confused
Does anyone know if Jhonen was involved with the game World of Goo?

The reason I ask? Well, I got my Nintendo Newsletter-dealie for the month of November. This ad caught my attention.Collapse )

It kinda looks like they're ripping him off. That is... if he wasn't involved. Please somebody clarify this for meee.
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07:26am 21/04/2008

Please call this number if you are willing to take part in a large group that has existed for decades. We are a 'secret society' known as Erus Rector or The Masters.

We are currently warring with Neurocam and Yellow-1.
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Invader Zim goodies for sale 
11:48pm 07/04/2007
  dripping with mission goo...
Read more...Collapse )
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02:01pm 26/02/2007
mood: creative
This is my first post here, but not my last, I promise. ;) I wanted to share this with you guys, because I thought it'd be interesting.

On Saturday, I went to the New York Comic Con in NYC, one of the coolest cities on earth.

I got to play DDR, was interviewed and asked for hook-ups, got to meet Hayden Panettiere (she was stuck-up), Gary Coleman (seemed zonked-out), a bunch of cool comic-book artists, milled past a bunch of people I didn't know, saw beautiful stuff and Pokemon and all the things that make comic cons awesome: Cosplay, games, people buying like they were dying without STUFF, and Jedi fights.

And then I went to go see the panel with Jhonen Vasquez. Yes, he was there, at the show, doing his thing, doing whatever it is that Jhonen Vasquez-es do at those thingies. And I hadn't seen him all day. He wasn't at the Slave Labor booth, though there was a guy there with crazy hair who told me that a bunch of people had asked him all day if he was THE MAN, and he'd laughed it off all day. I felt bad for him...

So I went down to the panel area, which was in the basement, and got in the longest line ever. I was at the back, and I was slightly moody, but I hung in there. Free poky helped.

Then they let us in, and I ducked in a side door to the far left that nobody else was using, raced up to the front row, and sat down next to some guy in a plain black suit clutching a computer bag.

And then I realized-


The man whose work had warped my mind as a teenager was sitting next to me, thinking Vasquez-y things. Oh joyous fudgetastic day.

So I talked to him. I asked him things. I probably sounded like a stalker, and perhaps I was a bit stalkerish, especially when I tried to ask him something when he was leaving and he was in a hurry and brushed me off, but I guess he gets that. So it had to be me. So what?

I will say a few things:
-He doesn't hate his fans
-He doesn't hate his work
-He doesn't hate Zim. Zim is over, never coming back, but he doesn't hate it.
-He hates poodles. And hugs.
-He came to the Con for an excuse to come to NYC
-He claims to be working on a movie script
-There will not be any more Nny or Zim, so stop asking
-He does not like Mudkip =3

But he was uber cool. And I'm so very glad I decided to go.
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06:56pm 19/02/2007
mood: weeehoo!
so whats going on here? no entries for quite some time now.
well, for those who care about my personal life, me and my sister going to meet jhonen in five days. we have been waiting for this moment for years. so excited.
thankyou, new york city comic con.
insert images of me beaming with joy and giddy school girl excitement.
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04:56am 12/12/2006
  In case anybody cares...I know Jhonen's livejournal name. It's chancrescolex. Let all Jhonen fan's be excited. Hark! Was that a cricket?  
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New Jhonen photo 
09:24am 23/08/2006
  From Flckr-this one was taken by juxtaposedface, at WizardWorld:
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01:27am 18/08/2006
mood: tired
I have to say, I was very much pleased to find this forum. J.V. is a hero to me, kind of.
I often wonder, though, how J.V. feels about people worshipping him and making fan clubs about him. Hmmm... If I were him, I'd probably be really creeped out.
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11:46pm 01/08/2006
  All the comics under the cut are being sold on my selling journal mycarboot for £1 each. Just wondered if any of you Jhohen lovers would be at all interested? Comment here or on my journal, yah?

Peace out, sexies.

please do not bludgen with toasterCollapse )
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Jhonen's latest post 
11:54am 20/07/2006
  I wish I would have brought a floppy disk to the library with me today. See the thing for the poster?

11:57am 01/07/2006

Jhonen updated... again!
I hand wrote this last night at home 
11:22am 13/05/2006
mood: hungry
OK, so here I am looking through my newly acquired Johnny comics (I've had the paperback), and I learned a couple things.

1) Johnny is allergic to cats
2) Jhonen was in the hospital
3) Jhonen directly said that Johnny would later continue as a series (not in those exact words...)

With those things in mind, I thought of a couple things.

1) Jhonen isn't working on a comic (to public knowledge)
2) Jhonen should be working on a comic

Now, me being a reader, I realisticly have no say in what Jhonen does (only in my head). But I do wish he would work on at least one of two things:

1) Go back to Johnny (of course)
or "B"
Pump out another Fillerbunny (#3 was my favorite =D)

That's just me, but I miss having some new Jhonen related antics running around. If I did, I'd probably turn into a taco and meat-explody. The last time I did, the fire chief yelled at me for blowing up his microwave.

End mini-rant.

originally written on loose leaf with a silver Sharpie
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08:39am 30/04/2006

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12:20pm 10/04/2006
  An online friend of mine claims she spoke to Jhonen on AIM when she was in seventh grade. She says his screen name was LunaDarkeSpiral. That doesn't sound like anything Jhonen would use as an alias, but she seems pretty convinced it was him. (She also said he had a friend whose sn was MooseProphet.) Nowadays it's difficult to get a hold of Jhonen on AIM... I find it hard to believe he used that sn, and that he chatted to people who didn't even know anything about him.

Can anyone verify this?

Edit: I emailed JV himself to ask this, so... yeah.
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04:08pm 17/03/2006
  hey, could anybody lat me know what jhonens supposed livejournal name is? i once knew it, but it seems to have escaped my mind.  
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02:18pm 17/03/2006
mood: confused
Hmm. This is quite random, but it was mentioned in school yesterday and I was wondering if any of you had heard anything about it. My friend said he heard something about Jhonen having to go to a mental institution or something? I have no idea - I tried looking it up, but he's not very big in the news; they don't have anything on it. Just wondering if it was true or if Fed is crazy >>;
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Kinda unrelated... 
04:16pm 07/03/2006
  Yeah, so I've been feeling kinda bored lately. Not much to do on my computer at home, (I just smelled Skettios, and I'm at the LI-BERRY!) not much of a TV watcher, no new video games, can't find the damn tabs for Johnny Cash, tired of playing pool and darts, no new DVDs (although I did recently rent Walk the Line *DROOL*), and no monies. Guh.

Now I search for pictures to make gifs, and some other stuff.

HEY! You know what?

How's about this: I make YOU a gif. That's right, I said it. Make YOU a gif. Need something for your LJ or another blog? I make it for you! Yay!

Just give me an image or two to work with, what you want done with it, and I do's it!

If you're interested, post or e-mail (doomdoomdoom[at]outsidethenine.com) me.
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Autographed and SPECIAL MAGICAL EDITION for sale! :P 
11:23am 01/03/2006

I am parting with all of my signed stuff.

I have the JtHM HARDCOVER signed
Squee TPB signed
JtHM special magical edition signed and numbered!

Please feel free to submit best offers! I want these books to go to a good home!
Thanks all. :)