Cupcake (pikachu420) wrote in jhonen_fans,

Kinda unrelated...

Yeah, so I've been feeling kinda bored lately. Not much to do on my computer at home, (I just smelled Skettios, and I'm at the LI-BERRY!) not much of a TV watcher, no new video games, can't find the damn tabs for Johnny Cash, tired of playing pool and darts, no new DVDs (although I did recently rent Walk the Line *DROOL*), and no monies. Guh.

Now I search for pictures to make gifs, and some other stuff.

HEY! You know what?

How's about this: I make YOU a gif. That's right, I said it. Make YOU a gif. Need something for your LJ or another blog? I make it for you! Yay!

Just give me an image or two to work with, what you want done with it, and I do's it!

If you're interested, post or e-mail (doomdoomdoom[at] me.
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