Cupcake (pikachu420) wrote in jhonen_fans,

Kinda unrelated...

Yeah, so I've been feeling kinda bored lately. Not much to do on my computer at home, (I just smelled Skettios, and I'm at the LI-BERRY!) not much of a TV watcher, no new video games, can't find the damn tabs for Johnny Cash, tired of playing pool and darts, no new DVDs (although I did recently rent Walk the Line *DROOL*), and no monies. Guh.

Now I search for pictures to make gifs, and some other stuff.

HEY! You know what?

How's about this: I make YOU a gif. That's right, I said it. Make YOU a gif. Need something for your LJ or another blog? I make it for you! Yay!

Just give me an image or two to work with, what you want done with it, and I do's it!

If you're interested, post or e-mail (doomdoomdoom[at] me.
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you do whatever your magical heart (it is magical, you know) with this LOVELY picture=
it is m. shadows from a7x, if ya dont know!
contort it, make it look funny, add lyrics, put pretty colors, i dont really care, as long as you can still tell its shadow's lovely face.
good day!
Yeah, I'll do stuff to it. Never heard of the dude... but yeah. It will be messed with.