Cupcake (pikachu420) wrote in jhonen_fans,

I hand wrote this last night at home

OK, so here I am looking through my newly acquired Johnny comics (I've had the paperback), and I learned a couple things.

1) Johnny is allergic to cats
2) Jhonen was in the hospital
3) Jhonen directly said that Johnny would later continue as a series (not in those exact words...)

With those things in mind, I thought of a couple things.

1) Jhonen isn't working on a comic (to public knowledge)
2) Jhonen should be working on a comic

Now, me being a reader, I realisticly have no say in what Jhonen does (only in my head). But I do wish he would work on at least one of two things:

1) Go back to Johnny (of course)
or "B"
Pump out another Fillerbunny (#3 was my favorite =D)

That's just me, but I miss having some new Jhonen related antics running around. If I did, I'd probably turn into a taco and meat-explody. The last time I did, the fire chief yelled at me for blowing up his microwave.

End mini-rant.

originally written on loose leaf with a silver Sharpie
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